Arguably the most private room in a house, the bathroom.  Our clients prefer that these spaces have very specific requests.  We don’t need to know why, nor do we ask, we just get it done.

A room where his and hers are perfectly acceptable.

Whether it’s a hand-carved bathtub made from rare stone, or a Teak wood shower with matching furniture.  From timeless classic finishes to cool and contemporary, it’s all possible.

A light refresh or to-the-studs.

What ever you’d like to have happen in your bathroom, we can make your vision a reality.  .


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What our clients say

Our master bathroom was long overdue for a renovation.  We weren’t too sure when we were referred to Anthony, since his company is one that does woodworking. Boy are we glad we called him.  He managed the whole project for us and now we have him redesigning our kitchen.

Cliff & Dotty Z.